Imprints: The Evidence Our Lives Leave Behind

Our lives leave a mark on all we encounter. Those imprints can change the world, one moment at a time.



Change the Worldβ€”One Moment at a Time

Our words and actions shape our world. Every moment is an opportunity to point others toward a life filled with compassion, grace, and mercy.


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A Message from Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck, Authors of Imprints

Changing the world does not always require grand gestures or an audience of millions. The little things we do often have the most significant impact on those we encounter. Each small choice we make can spread joy or pain, light or darkness, to others. Examining our influence on the lives we encounter, through a lens of love and compassion; Imprints explores the long-lasting impact our words and actions have on our world, reminding us that the legacy we leave behind is built on who we are and how we live our lives day-to-day.

We hope that each chapter of Imprints will open your eyes to the power you possess to shape the lives of others. 

Looking Toward A Brighter Future!

We have partnered with Compassion International in the release of Imprints. Together, we desire to empower individuals to live their lives in a way that will leave a lasting imprint on all they encounter. Whether we're across the globe on the mission field, or living each day in our hometown; every human interaction is filled with opportunity—opportunity for compassion, love, grace, and mercy. Opportunity for a brighter future!

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  • FREE! — Understanding Your Influence — A Chapter-by-Chapter Discussion Guide (a $30 value) — Exploring the different concepts and stories of each chapter, this is a great companion piece to be used in book clubs or small groups. Filled with insights, challenging questions, and thought-provoking activities, this discussion guide will change the way you see the world.
  • FREE! — Raising Compassionate Kids — A Children's Guide To Imprints (a $40 value) — This children's guide makes the themes of Imprints accessible to the kids in your life through themed dates and activities that address the topics of each chapter. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or mentor; this guide will spark incredible dialogue and growth.

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"It's impossible to engage with Patrick and Justin and not walk away inspired, curious, and ready to be the person you are meant to be in the world. Imprints is a moving reminder of finding the strength in the small things β€” gestures of kindness and connection β€” and how the culmination of these acts fill our own lives and communities with authentic purpose. A must-read reminder that it's the small steps of love that leave imprints along this path of life."

Jessica Honegger
Founder and co-CEO of Noonday Collection

"Patrick and Justin remind us of the power we all have to leave an impact on the lives of others. Their words in Imprints will challenge you to live and love more fully."

Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and the Nation's #1 Life and Business Strategist

"Our lives are filled with choices. Every moment is an opportunity for us to bring light or darkness into the world. Patrick and Justin remind us how simple it is to choose light."

Jeremy Cowart
Artist and founder of The Purpose Hotel

"Justin and Patrick are compelling forces for good. Their latest book, Imprints, is a must-read, one of those rare books that invites and guides you to step into brave new places with your one and only life. Their words will surely help you live the kind of life that demands an explanation."

Steve Carter
Pastor and author of This Invitational Life

"If we knew that our actions and choices could be the breadcrumbs that others could follow into a better life, would we live better? I think so. This book is the encouragement we need to live more intentionally, leaving a trail of hope and love to those around us."

Dean Nelson
Award-winning author and journalist

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