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Discover How to Push Each Other Forward in Life, Pursue Relationships Through Vulnerability and Intimacy, and Change the World Through Faith and Love!

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PUSH: An Exploration of Life, Friendship, and Faith

Life can be a terribly long road, one not meant to be traveled alone. Yet we frequently find ourselves... alone. Push explores the dynamics of life, the challenges of friendship, and the power faith can have in guiding us through the struggles we face.

Push is a six-week, video-based study that accompanies Justin and Patrick's book I'll Push You. This is an opportunity for individuals, small groups, and faith-based organizations to draw closer to one another, enter into deeper relationships, and discover the potential of their community or church.

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A Six-Week Guide to Fostering a Healthier Church Community

Explore the dynamics of life, friendship, and faith... and draw closer to one another.

What Does it Mean to Push?

In week one, we explore how we can push others beyond their perceived limitations. And, we examine how allowing others to push us impacts our life and our faith.

Discover Your Greatest Strength

Overcoming weakness or limitations requires acknowledgment. In week two we explore how vulnerability leads to a more fulfilling faith and experiencing more in life.

Living in Sabbath

Sabbath - traditionally a day or period honoring God. But Jesus taught that Sabbath is so much more. In week three, we explore how a Sabbath lifestyle leads to deeper relationships.


In week four we explore intimacy, examining how it applies to each of our relationships. Embracing intimacy is necessary to experience community as God intended.


Just as God pursues us, he calls us to pursue one another. The quality of our lives depend on the quality of our relationships. In week five, we explore the necessity of community.


What is our purpose? In the final week of Push, we explore the idea that we all have the same purpose - to love. We just have different avenues through which we fulfill our purpose.

"Patrick and Justin have given each of us a gift by turning their El Camino adventure into a life adventure for each of us. They have taken the powerful principles of love and friendship that they learned on their journey and created an amazing curriculum to push us all forward. With insightful small group videos, curriculum and sermon material added to their book and movie, our church is excited to take this 6-week series and dive into the deep end together to learn more about the path God has for each of us."

Brent Deakins
Executive Pastor, Eagle Nazarene Church

Here's What's Included in Push:

Whether you are a small group leader or pastor of a mega church, we have provided everything you will need to roll out Push for easy dissemination!

A Six-Week Video Based Study

Each week of this study begins with a short engaging video where the creators explore the concepts of the study. 

Leadership Guide

A document with detailed instructions for each session and insights to help facilitate discussion. Includes all content from the participant's guide.

Participant's Guide

A document that includes scripture, discussion questions, and activities for each week's session, creating an engaging and interactive experience.

Bonus #1: Sermon Guides

Included are complete sermon guides that coincide with the content of each week of the study. These sermons make for a rich and deep experience.

Bonus #2: Sermon Slides

To enhance the included sermons guides, we have also provided slides. These slides augment the content of each sermon and help drive home the message.

Access It Anywhere!

Through the power of the internet, you have access to this study from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. All files are also downloadable.

Would You Like to Try Before You Buy?

Below you can watch Week 1: Introduction in its entirety so you can get a sense of what this thing is all about! Enjoy.


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Heads Up! You Will Need to Get Our Book

Push: An Exploration of Life, Friendship, and Faith is a study that draws from many of the concepts found in our book I'll Push You. Reading assignments accompany each week's lesson making for a much richer study. 

After you enroll in Push, we will provide you with a couple of ways to purchase books for your small group or church so everyone can be on the same page! (pardon the pun)

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*Only applies to the curriculum. Books are non-refundable.

Let's Get Started! Choose Your License Below:

We offer the following licenses. The "small group" license is perfect for life groups or a Sunday school class. The other is for churches and faith-based organizations.

Small Group License — $49
Church License — $499

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