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We've created a unique classroom curriculum that helps teachers and students (grades 6-12) face their challenges, move beyond their perceived limitations, and live life fully through the power of community.

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But first, did you know?

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among America's teens, and depression is a part of life for 1 out of 5 teenagers.*

16% of America's youth are bullied on social media, and 70% of kids witness bullying at school.**

Drug use and alcohol abuse are nationwide epidemics, and as many as 40% of students are chronically disengaged from school.***

These problems present a host of challenges for teachers across the US. They are a source of many sleepless nights for parents and made worse as social media perpetuates a disengaged society. While the problems students face vary, the cause of these issues rests on one common thing, the lack of community.

What would classrooms look like if healthy communities were fostered and a sense of belonging was the essence of their culture?

The Antidote For Our Times

Violence, social unrest, and division plague our culture; future generations deserve better. A 500-mile pilgrimage between two best friends and one wheelchair is bringing the hope of a better future to high school and middle school classrooms across the country.

In the spring of 2016, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray's 500-mile journey through Spain (known as "I'll Push You") inspired the students of Shasta High School in Redding, California to revolutionize their culture. When Justin and Patrick partnered with the students, they created a month-long campaign that exceeded everyone's expectations.

The result: Over 80% engagement of students and staff, and a massive shift in school and classroom culture. Students and faculty "pushed" each other beyond the limits they believed they possessed. They faced their struggles together, and The Push Project was born.

Through the activities and engagement fueled by The Push Project, students and staff opened up and shared their stories in powerful ways. Together they faced issues like bullying, isolation, depression, and suicide.

This change was the product of a singular truth: we find more strength together than we will ever have on our own!

By pushing one another beyond limitations and fears, they were able to achieve more, together.

We Tested Our Curriculum and…
It Works!

Learning from the success at Shasta HS, we fine-tuned The Push Project and tried it in other schools and classrooms over 2.5 years. The results proved The Push Project could work in all types of classrooms and we'd like to share it with you!

So, What Is The Push Project?

The Push Project is an easy to execute 4-week curriculum that engages your students in deeper relationships and incredible dialogue. The magic of The Push Project lies in the collaborative activities and diverse approaches to learning.

4-Week Curriculum

The Push Project takes place over the course of four weeks. Two activities occur each week providing students opportunities for growth.

Student Led

The Push Project requires students involvement in both planning and execution, offering students opportunities to learn new skills and lead their peers.

Teacher Supported

The Push Project is executed with teacher support. Teacher participation in the activities significantly magnifies the effects of The Push Project.

Clear & Easy Execution

Clear and easy to implement materials take participants through The Push Project while allowing teachers to guide their class organically.

Minimal Classroom Prep

The Push Project is easy to deploy in the classroom setting while requiring little to no prep time so you can remain focused on teaching!

Flexible & Organic

The Push Project is designed in a way that allows flexibility in its deployment, providing teachers and students opportunities for further dialogue.

Testimonial: Scott Tyler, ASB Director

Hear what Scott Tyler, Activities Director at Shasta HS had to say about the impact of The Push Project at his school!


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How Does The Program Work?

The Push Project requires six weeks: Two weeks for planning and four weeks for the execution of the campaign.


This time is used to identify team members, assign roles and responsibilities, and create a calendar of events. Resources outline all necessary tasks. 


This period is the two weeks prior to the launch of The Push Project. Everything necessary for you and your students to finalize planning is clearly identified.

Launch: Week #1

Week one introduces the concept of pushing others forward in life. Activities are video and group-based and are part of the included lesson plans.

Launch: Week #2

Building on week one and digging into what healthy relationships look like, week two's lesson plans challenge students to examine their struggles and share how others have impacted them.

Launch: Week #3

During week three we explore the power of vulnerability and the strength that exists in sharing our stories. A part of this week's lesson plans is a writing exercise sure to challenge your students.

Launch: Week #4

The final week of The Push Project draws on the previous lessons ending with a classroom celebration focused on the growth and accomplishments of your students.

Enroll in The Push Project Today and Receive These Amazing Bonuses!


5 Icebreakers Guaranteed to Challenge You and Your Students

We have created five icebreakers for use in the classroom. These questions invite deep thought and will challenge both you and your students to look at yourselves and others differently. 


Access to The Pre-Show Content From The Theatrical Release of I'll Push You

The theatrical release of our film included some great educational content regarding the history of the Camino, Spanish Architecture, and Camino Culture. Great for English, History, or Spanish classes.


I'll Push You Discussion Guide

Teachers often choose to read our best-selling memoir or watch our award-winning film (both titled I'll Push You) as a class. We developed this discussion guide to help you and your students explore the themes of the I'll Push You story.

Everything You Need To Successfully Execute The Push Project Is Conveniently Located In One Place.

The Push Project is housed online for easy access and maximum flexibility.

Easy Online Access

All curriculum training, downloads, and resources are conveniently housed online for easy 24/7 access.

Multiple Learning Styles

Lesson plans include multiple avenues for learning including video, writing, group discussion, and group activities. 

Video-Based Training

Video-based training eliminates guesswork when leadership is planning and preparing for The Push Project.

Everything is Downloadable

Files are downloadable so you can conveniently store, manage, and share everything via your internal network.

Promotional Resources

We have created downloadable and printable artwork to help you promote The Push Project.

Hands-On Support

Questions? Don't worry; we're available to address any concerns and guide you through the process!

The Push Project is perfect for most classrooms, but some just aren't a good fit!

Based on our experience piloting The Push Project in various schools and classrooms over the course of 2.5 years, we have determined the following:

The Push Project is Ideal FOR…

  • Teachers willing to challenge their students to grow as individuals
  • Teachers who aren't afraid to participate in activities with their students
  • Teachers looking to create rich experiences for the students
  • Teachers who are willing to have hard conversations with students

The Push Project is NOT FOR…

  • Teachers who are just looking to fill classroom time
  • Teachers are reluctant to participate in activities with their students
  • Teachers who aren't actively engaged with their students
  • Teachers who are unwilling to have hard conversations with students

How is The Push Project Different from Other Programs?

Every classroom or school program is designed with the intent of improving the lives of students. But most of them are very specific in their approach, addressing one issue at a time. All of these programs have immense value, but we approach things a little differently.

The Push Project is the only classroom program of its kind. Bringing educational enhancement to students through detailed lesson plans and engaging activities; The Push Project cultivates healthy relationships and community among students, resulting in long-lasting cultural change.

Here's What These Students Had to Say!

The Push Project has made an incredible impact on students. Don't take our word for it, hear what it meant to these young men and women.


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Finally, What About Classroom Time?

The most common question we hear from educators is, "How much classroom time will I lose?" The answer: No time is lost, just repurposed!

Both Justin and Patrick come from HUGE education families, and they know how precious classroom time is! They specifically designed The Push Project to have minimal impact on instruction time, while maximizing the influence on your classroom.

Testimonial: Heather Pinder, Teacher

Hear from Heather Pinder, a teacher at Eagle High School, about her experience with The Push Project in her classroom!


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Backed By Our "You're Fully Covered" Guarantee: Execute The Push Project, 100% Risk-Free!

We're incredibly confident The Push Project will exceed your expectations, and we understand investments like this can be intimidating. That's why we back The Push Project with our incredible 365-day, risk-free guarantee.

Execute The Push Project in your classroom and if you're not happy with the results, contact us to get a full refund! Our only request is that you tell us why.

"It was a great opportunity for our students to get out their comfort zone. But, I think even more so, it's a great opportunity for staff to get out of their comfort zone. To really start thinking about our community and our kids. And to think about how we can support each other and push each other to work together as a school community, to really engage with one another and ask how we can support one another. And to understand that were not individuals trying to navigate this world alone."

Adrian Valdivia
School Counselor

"I'm so excited to see how impactful The Push Project was on our community! I saw kids who normally tease and joke around with each other suddenly come together after sharing their stories. It was a very empowering moment in our school to take the time, share our stories, and be simply human with one another. The staff members got to do that with each other as well!"

Mary Huhn
English Teacher

"Thank you Justin and Patrick! I really appreciated how The Push Project encouraged the teachers to take some risks, as well as the students, and how it brought people together. The sense of community seems to have fostered growth and cultivated a positive experience here on campus. It was amazing to be a part of it!"

Torri Pratt
Art Teacher

"Here’s a phase I overheard several times today, “I’ll push you in a good way.” It was awesome and inspiring today. Thanks for "pushing" us… Love it!"

Mary Kay Skaife

"I am so impressed with this program and the message that it sends to kids. I was out sick for the last week, but just listened to all of the clips so that the teachers and I could talk to the students today. Awesome activities that tie in "walking the walk" every day! Thanks for this!"

Lisa Dougherty, M.A. C.C.C.
Speech and Language Pathologist

"The Counseling TA’s saw the testimonial video of our student TA, Raegan, where she shared her story. They brought flowers and everyone wrote a note telling her how much they appreciated what she shared and to personally thank her. Super sweet and encouraging!"

Collett Stanger 
Shasta High School Registrar

A Quick Recap of What You'll Receive When You Enroll in The Push Project Today!


Here's What's Included in
The Push Project:

  • Robust planning materials to help you and your students launch The Push Project effectively in your classroom
  • Eight complete lesson plans for each day of The Push Project, including instructional videos for teachers and step-by-step instructions for each week's activities
  • All resources are accessible online and downloadable, so you can have access at any time
  • Comprehensive marketing materials to help promote The Push Project in your classroom

Plus, You Will Also Receive
These Amazing Bonuses:

  • BONUS #1 - 5 Icebreakers guaranteed to stimulate great dialogue in your classroom. 
  • BONUS #2 - Immediate access to the pre-show content from the theatrical release of the award-winning film, I'll Push You (Value: $500)
  • BONUS #3I'll Push You Discussion Guide to help you explore the themes of our film and memoir
  • All backed by our incredible "You're Fully Covered" 365-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

NOW is The Time to Dramatically Change Our Culture. Let's Start With Your Students!

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If you have any questions or concerns about The Push Project, please contact us by clicking the button below or call us at (619) 277-2585.


Have Additional Questions? (FAQ)

We want to make sure you have all the information you need before you enroll in The Push Project. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding The Push Project..

The Push Project is a four-week student-led curriculum designed to cultivate healthy relationships and a healthy culture in classrooms. The variety of activities are interactive and insightful. Employing video, reading, writing, group activities, and discussions; The Push Project meets the needs of all types of learners.

Every classroom and school program has the potential of improving the lives of students. But most are specific in their approach, addressing one issue at a time. 

The Push Project is designed to impact all areas where teens struggle rather than focusing on a singular issue. The only classroom program of it's kind; The Push Project brings educational enhancement to classrooms through lesson plans and activities that help create healthy relationships and a healthy community.

For The Push Project to be effective, you should be:

  • Willing to challenge your students to grow as individuals
  • Willing to participate in activities with your students
  • Looking to create rich experiences for the students
  • Willing to have hard conversations with students

If your school possesses these characteristics, you're ready for The Push Project.

Led by you and your students, one activity is executed twice a week for four weeks. All resources are housed online and downloadable for easy access and dissemination.

The Push Project requires a few weeks of planning. The vast majority of this planning can and should be completed collaboratively between you and your students. 

Four uninterrupted weeks are necessary for the deployment of The Push Project. So a total of six weeks; two weeks of planning and four weeks of execution.

Yes, we offer support. Justin and Patrick are available via phone and email. Just message us using the green button above.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover.

Our "Fully Covered" guarantee is simple. If you aren't satisfied with The Push Project for any reason during the first 365 days of your license, you can get a full refund. Just email us at [email protected] and tell the reason you are unsatisfied, and we will refund your purchase.

If you have questions we have not answered, concerns about The Push Project, or would like to share your thoughts and comments, email us at [email protected]


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