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Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray guide individuals and organizations toward their full potential through the power of relationships and community.

Life's challenges are never-ending, invading the workplace just as much as they affect our personal lives. 

No matter how big or small, such difficulties are overcome because of the strength we draw from one another. No two people know this more than Push Inc. founders, Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray.

These lifelong friends tackled the impossible, a 500-mile pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago through Spain, one pushing the other in a wheelchair. While Patrick, and others, physically pushed Justin the distance, Justin pushed Patrick, mentally and emotionally, into a new world of joy and freedom.

Push Inc. Founders — Justin Skeesuck And Patrick Gray
 Justin And Patrick At The Monastery On The Camino

Their journey is a brilliant metaphor for the lives these two men are blessed to live. Their successes are largely attributed to how they have pushed one another — and how they have allowed others to push them.

Just like Justin and Patrick, everyone's success in the face of obstacle-ridden paths lies within the quality of our relationships, the community we surround ourselves with, and our ability to embrace the help we need.

Overcoming life's challenges requires acknowledging our weaknesses, inviting others into our story, and embracing the fact that we cannot do it all on our own.

No challenge is too great to overcome, but to do so, we must be willing to let others push us beyond the limitations we believe we possess.

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 Justin And Patrick At Willow Creek Community Church

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