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We've created a collection of online courses to help individuals move beyond their perceived limitations and live life fully through the power of community.


The Push Project: Creating Positive Cultural Change Within the School Environment

With 40% of high school students chronically disengaged from school, the need for healthy communities within the school environment has never been greater!

The Push Project is the answer to this chronic disengagement. Bringing students and teachers together in a collaborative effort, The Push Project moves participants through fear, out of negativity, and closer together. The result is a community where we can achieve more, together.

This four-week school-wide (or classroom) curriculum addresses issues like bullying, isolation, depression, and suicide while requiring little to no prep time for teachers!

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Push: An Exploration of Life, Friendship, and Faith

Life can be a terribly long road, one not meant to be traveled alone. Yet we frequently find ourselves... alone. Push explores the dynamics of life, the challenges of friendship, and the power faith can have in guiding us through the struggles of life.

Push is a six-week, video-based study that accompanies Justin and Patrick's award-winning book, I'll Push You. It is an invitation for individuals and small groups to enter into deeper relationships so we don't ever find ourselves alone in life.

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The Push: Lesson Plan & Discussion Guide for K-6th Grade Schools & Teachers

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your students' understanding of friendship and acceptance of differences?

Based on the friendship of real-life best friends, Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck, The Push teaches kids that people of all abilities have important roles to play and that together we're better than we are on our own.

School is a place to explore new ideas, learn new ways of thinking, and prepare for the world. So, we put together this unique lesson plan to accompany our NEW children's book!

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