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70% of individuals are unhappy in their job and 33% of adults are pessimistic about their future.*

In the face of such numbers, many organizations find themselves at a loss, searching for the energy and skills needed to create happier, more engaged employees and a healthier work environment. While many individuals long to have more productive lives, the epidemic of unhappiness and pessimism makes moving forward incredibly challenging!

In spite of the many challenges of life, we all are capable of achieving great things and fulfilling our dreams.

Justin and Patrick cultivate an understanding with audiences about what it means to lead, what it means to follow, and what it means to be human.

Using humor, heartfelt storytelling, and their incredible 500-mile journey through Spain, Justin and Patrick inspire people to move beyond the limitations they believe they possess and engage each person in a conversation about how we all can achieve more, together.

*Source: Forbes 2013, Huffington Post 2013

Living Life To The Fullest

Justin and Patrick are seasoned keynote speakers who use powerful storytelling to equip audience members with ways to be better in their lives and jobs.


Your audience will be inspired and transformed! We have presented to more than 150,000 people in a live environment, delivering impactful keynotes that help audiences and team members find fulfillment in their work and live better lives.


No two clients are the same! So, we work with each client's specific messaging needs, budget, and timeline to create the best experience possible. Let us know what your needs are so we can create an optimal keynote for your conference, summit, or special event!


Many keynote speakers head out right after speaking, rarely spending time with their clients and audience members. Not us. We deeply value our time with you and take great pride in building authentic relationships. Simply put: We love spending time with you.

In Good Company

From Fortune 50 to healthcare, education to biotech, faith-based to financial organizations, Justin and Patrick have been blessed to work with some AMAZING clients including the following:

Interview at Willow Creek Community Church

Willow Creek CC is located just outside Chicago, Illinois and is one of the nation's largest churches. We were blessed and honored to be interviewed by Pastor Steve Carter.


Ways to Deliver Our Message

We offer our clients flexibility in how they interact with us. Below are four different ways in which we can work with you for your upcoming event!


Most of our clients have us deliver a keynote for their conference or event. Regardless of how much time you need filled, we can make it happen. 


We provide multi-day "residencies" where we deliver multiple keynotes, hold C-level leadership trainings, and spend time with your team(s).

Via Skype (Or Video)

For those with limited budgets, we offer 30-45-90 minute Skype sessions.  We also create pre-recorded videos to address attendees at your event.

Personal Appearance

Sometimes clients enjoy surprising their audience or team members. We have been known to shock audiences right after they have screened the film!

" Justin and Patrick are two of the most inspiring and entertaining speakers I've heard. We were more than moved. We were changed after hearing their story!"

Donald Miller
NYT Best-Selling Author and Founder of StoryBrand

"Justin and Patrick's presentation was among the liveliest, most searing and memorable events that we in the Garaventa Center for Catholic Intellectual Life and American Culture have had. Our event had standing room only in the largest performance space on the University of Portland campus. I recommend this speaking team to anyone who seeks a challenging message of perseverance, spirituality, and ingenuity. They were gracious and flexible to work with and they far exceeded our expectations!"

Karen Eifler PhD
Co-Director, Garaventa Center, University of Portland

"If you're looking for an inspirational message about friendship, commitment, overcoming challenges, or the power of community, then I urge you to hire Justin and Patrick for your next speaking event! They will deliver, your attendees will be inspired, and you will look like a genius for deciding to share with your company, members, or conference attendees a life-changing adventure."

Ben Quintana, SPHR
Director, Organizational Effectiveness at St. Luke's Health System, Idaho

"My Thesaurus does not contain enough superlative words to describe the exceptional keynote presentation that Justin and Patrick offered. The most common review was simply ‘inspirational’. Some people define relationships by tallying so-called friends on social media, but Justin and Patrick characterize – and live by – the true, traditional meaning of friendship. You must hear their remarkable story."

Alan Sherbinin
CEO, MUSE International

"We engaged with Justin and Patrick to share their story of friendship to almost 3000 caregivers in 11 different sessions at our hospital. Their style of narrating their 500-mile journey on the Camino de Santiago brought laughter and tears to our audiences. Our employees really connected with their individual challenges of being the caregiver and the one who receives care. It renewed and inspired everyone to remember the importance of their role and how they make a difference every day!"

Roz Gil
Director, Patient Experience at St. Joseph Health, Orange, CA

"One of the unique aspects of this speaking team is that the audience is given the perspective of a friend and co-journeyer. As powerful a story as Justin's life is, it is equally moving to hear Patrick's side of the story and to hear how emotionally straining it is to watch a best friend suffer. In a world that is often consumed with the superficial, our campus found ourselves struggling with the deeper truths of life: love, sacrifice, courage and community."

Rev. Dustin & Rev. Olivia Metcalf
University Chaplains, Northwest Nazarene University

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