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Achieve More, Together.

Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray are the Subjects of The Award-Winning Film and Best-Selling Book, I'll Push You. They Speak Worldwide, Helping Organizations and Individuals Achieve More Through the Power of Relationships and Community.

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The Power of Relationships

Through speaking, writing, film, and teaching; Justin and Patrick love helping others dive deeper into their relationships and discover what they are capable of achieving.


Justin and Patrick work with organizations worldwide. Their message of inspiration and hope challenges individuals and businesses to reach for more in the workplace and in life. 


Leadership Retreats

A powerful two-day retreat helping create the healthiest of work environments. Discover new perspectives and approaches to business that will move you and your team forward.


Books & Film

Experience the power of Justin and Patrick's story in their award-winning memoir and documentary. Raw and honest, their story challenges others to live life in a new way. They even have a children's book!


Online Courses

Justin and Patrick believe words can shape our world. Using their story, they have created several courses that provide participants with a new perspective on what life can offer.


A Message Worth Spreading

Justin & Patrick have been featured on many major television and news media outlets. Here are just a few samples of note…


Our NEW Book, Imprints: The Evidence Our Lives Leave Behind

Examining our influence on the lives we encounter, through a lens of love and compassion; Imprints explores the long-lasting impact our words and actions have on our world, reminding us that the legacy we leave behind is built on who we are and how we live our lives day-to-day.

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"Justin and Patrick's story brought tears to my eyes! Very moving, that kind of Christ-like brotherly love!"

Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and the Nation's #1 Life and Business Strategist

"You lose the capacity to hate after watching I'll Push You. You would be less of a person if you found it easy to criticize someone else after watching it. It's so very important, on so many levels, that everyone go watch this film and learn about Justin and Patrick's story."

Harry Connick Junior
Grammy®-Award Winning Musician & Television Host of "Harry" on CBS

"When I met Justin and Patrick and heard their story, I cried, and I wanted everyone I knew to hear this important story. We live in a culture that values romantic love and, to a certain extent familial love, but we have very few stories of brotherhood like this one: a story about lifelong friends who, when life became challenging, didn't back away, but instead became more committed to one another, more connected, and more willing to sacrifice. This is an important, beautiful, inspiring story."

Shauna Niequist
NYT Best-Selling Author of Present over Perfect and Bread & Wine

"I'll Push You is not just the remarkable story of one able bodied man pushing another man's wheelchair on a 500-mile journey. It's the story of two friends who've spent their entire life's journey pushing each other to be better people. Through their courage, grace and dignity, Justin and Patrick remind us that we are stronger together than separate. As it turns out, we all need a push."

Meredith Vieira
TV Personality & Journalist

"This is an inspiring story of love and commitment. It's the kind of story Jesus would have told to his friends. You'll learn a little bit more about the power of love through Justin and Patrick's story."

Bob Goff
NYT Best-Selling Author of Love Does

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