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Introducing PUSH Leadership, a two-day leadership retreat where we work directly with you and your leadership teams to create the healthiest of work environments.

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Whether you're a leader of a team or an entire organization, you know that successfully leading a group of people is a challenging task.

You set goals for productivity, goals to beat last year's numbers, goals to facilitate trust among employees and clients. You have bottom lines to meet all while trying to retain valuable talent.

Many factors affect the above, but nothing is as important as creating an environment where your employees work harder for you than they would anyone else, where their loyalty outmatches their unparalleled work ethic, where worries about attrition become a thing of the past.

But HOW do you achieve this?

At Push Inc, we firmly believe cultivating healthy, dynamic relationships with peers, employees, and clientele makes all the difference in the world.

That why we created PUSH Leadership; a two-day, on-site leadership retreat where we work directly with YOU and YOUR TEAM to create the healthiest of work environments.

The interactive nature of PUSH Leadership will help you discover new perspectives moving you and your business forward and uncovers preconceived notions that are holding you back as a leader and as a team.

"Wow, this was not what I expected from a training session. I felt renewed and inspired by Justin and Patrick’s story from the caregiver’s perspective. It really is the caregiver who is renewed and energized by the patient. It is an honor and a privilege when our patients share their stories with us and invite us to be a small part of their lives during their most vulnerable times. Thank you for reminding me why I answered the call to become a nurse."

Participant at St. Joseph Hospital

Push Leadership Overview

PUSH Leadership is executed over the course of two days where Justin and Patrick lead discussions and exercises. Each day is comprised of three 90-minute sessions leaving time for breaks.


Kick-Off With A Movie Night!

Gather your team together, grab some popcorn, snacks, and sit down for the 90-minute award-winning documentary film "I'll Push You: A Camino Journey of 500 Miles, Two Best Friends, and One Wheelchair". Just make sure you grab some tissues!

Note: This is optional and not required as part of the retreat.

Day One (90 Minute Sessions)

Pushing Toward Excellence

The first session explores the life experiences of attendees through interactive exercises and discussion. Opening participant’s eyes to the impact others have on their successes, individuals appreciate the influence and impact he or she has on others.

The Power of Transparency

Transparency is a critical component in developing trust. And trust is the heartbeat of any successful business. This session teaches leaders how to use transparency as a tool to build healthy and engaged teams, leading to healthy relationships with engaged clients.

The Power of Rest

Here we explore the practice of rest. The long-term quality of a leader is dependent upon work/life balance. Understanding the value of rest makes it easier to practice and increases productivity while cultivating a positive work environment and decreasing turnover.

Day Two (90 Minute Sessions)

The Power of Knowing

The fourth session of Push Leadership addresses the incredible power of knowing your employees and your business knowing your clients. Really understanding who someone is creates the ultimate foundation for your business culture to thrive.

Pursuing Work Collectively

Any dream worth pursuing you achieve on your own. In session five, participants explore teamwork as a collective pursuit where relationships drive the connection between employees, making jobs more enjoyable and individuals more productive.

Understanding Your Purpose

Understanding the purpose behind your business is critical. If you believe in something enough, passion overrides fear making the impossible possible. In the final session of Push Leadership, we explore the purpose of your work.

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